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6.7 MW Biomass Power Plant

6.7 MW Biomass Power Plant

Biomass energy is the energy which is included inside plants and animals or waste products from organic sources. Biomass is always available and can be generate as a renewable source.

Biomass Power Plants
Steam turbine

Model: T.V. 11 N° 4272

Inlet pressure :45 bar

Discharge pressure: 0,09 bar

Inlet steam temperature: 440 °C

Power:6.700 Kw

Control system:Woodward unit type 5005



Supplier: CGE type ATB 2/7500 – N° 883130 – 3 phases

Velocity:3000 RPM

Power:7500 KVA

Max current:722 Amps

Voltage:6.000 Volts

3 phases winding + neutral center

Water Condenser

Surface:440 square meters

Tubes diameter:20 mm

Recycle water pumps:2

Water flow: 1300 cubic meters/h

Steam capacity: 32 tons/ h

Vacuum pumps:2

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