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Combined Cycle Power Plant

Combined Cycle Power Plant

50.3 mw combined cycle power plant. Combined cycle power plants gas turbine generator produces electricity. Combined cycle power plant includes gas turbines, steam turbines.


Brand name: GE LM 6000 PC Sprint

Date of Startup: 2003

Production Year: 1997

Capacity: 39.7 MW

GT Generator

Brand name: BRUSH

Model: BDAX,  11.kV

Rated Output: 50.8 MW

Power Factor: 0.8

Frequency: 50 Hz

Steam Turbine

Brand name: ALSTOM

Model: ST3-C

Capacity: 10.6 MW

Production Year: 2002

Date of Startup: 2003

6050 / 1500 rpm

HP Steam IN: 400ºC – 48 bar

HP Steam IN: 145ºC – 2.6 bar

Steam Out Bar : 45-60ºC – 0.08 bar

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