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Gas Fired Power Plants

About Project

160 mw gas fired power plants. Gas-fired power plants are rising in popularity. Gas is a major source of electricity producing.

Brand name: General Electric

Model: LM 2500 Plus

Power: 2×30 MW

Star up Date: 10/14/2014

Turbine Production Date: 2002

Fuel Type: Natural Gas&Liquid Fuel (Dual)

2 Generator Brand Name: ABB

Generator Cooling: Water Cooling

Generator Revolution: 1.500 RPM

Generator Power: 37.800 kVA

Generator Production Date: 2002

Steam Turbine

Brand name: Nuovo Pignone İtaly

Model: hnk 50/80

Power: 21.99 MW

Brand name: Pratt&Witney USA


Power: 2×30 MW

Star up Date: 7/10/2014

Turbine Production Date: 2009

Fuel Type: Natural Gas

Generator Brand Name: BRUSH

Generator Cooling: Air Cooling

Generator Revolution: 3.000 RPM

Generator Power: 79.875 kVA

Generator Production Date: 2009

Type: BDAX72-340ER

Steam Turbine

Brand name: HTC CHINA

Model: nks 50/80

Power: 18.518 MW

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