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Gas Turbine Power Plants

Gas Turbine Power Plants

Gas turbine power plants

We sale gas turbine power plants 44.7 MW gas turbine power plant. Gas turbines burn oil, natural gas, crushed coal. Gas turbine have air compressor, combustion chamber, turbine. Gas turbine plants can be used water paucity regions. A gas turbine is ignition engine that can convert natural gas or other liquid fuels to mechanical energy.

LM 6000 PA

Manufacturing Company: GE

Model Number: LM6000-PA-NGW

Manufacturing Date: 1999

Year Retired: 2013

Quantity: 2

Fired Hours: 1999

Nominal Power: 44.7 MW

Generator Rating: 67 MVA

Voltage: 11.5 kV

Phases: 3

Frequency: 50Hz

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