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52.22 MW HFO Power Plant

52.22 MW HFO Power Plant

HFO fired power plant
Diesel Engines are sixteen-cylinder four-stroke type for stationary installation, turbocharged and charge-air cooled of Vee design, clocwise rotation. System is manufactured and accordingly will be connected to 34,5 kV distribution system by means of transformers. Continuous rating as per ISO standards 3046-1:1995 measured at the crankshaft flange when using suitable fuel as described.Various Tanks, the plant has following tanks made of carbon steel and/or fiber glass for usage in various areas.

HFO Fired Power Plant

Brand name:MAN/B&W

Engine Type:16V32


Running Hours:

Machine no       Working Hours

  1.                       8097h
  2.                       8030h
  3.                       8341h
  4.                       9828h
  5.                       13.187h
  6.                       13.903h
  7.                       9975h

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