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4.8 MW HFO Power Plant


4.8 MW HFO Power Plant

Manufacturer Type:BV 12 M 640
Output:2X12170 KW at 100 % load
Year of Manufacturer:1996
Power:4.8 MW/each
Frequency:50 Hz
Running Hours:34.000-35.000

Power:5.698 kVA
Voltage:6600 V
Voltage:11 kV

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HFO Power Plant

Heavy fuel oils(HFO) are produced from the residue remaining after the lighter fractions of oils.
Scope of supply
Alternators and engines, two heat recovery steam generator, feeder booster unit, filter unit, viscosity control unit. HFO system: seperation system, feeder booster unit, filter unit, viscosity control unit. Lube oil system. Daily tanks, unit of starting air compressor, HT water preheating unit, water treatment. Softener with silica filter. Control panel and synchronizer.
Batteries and charger, MCC, Gen-set platforms, main control cables, engine complete cooling saystem (two radiators for HAT circuits), pumps,pipes and exhaust ducts,spare parts available at site. Documentation and drawings.