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85 MW SIEMENS SGT-600 Gas Turbine

85 MW SIEMENS SGT-600 Gas Turbine

SIEMENS SGT-600 Gas Turbine; 85 MW combined cycle gas turbine, 25 MW Siemens gas turbine, 7 MW siemens steam turbine, 10 MW Solar Mars 100 gas turbine

SIEMENS SGT-600 Gas Turbine


Type : SGT-600 B2
Gas Generator : B000918
Power Turbine: B000904
Power Turbine Nominal Speed: 7700 rpm
Gas Generator Nominal Speed: 9770 rpm
Manufacturing Date: 2000
Fuel Type: Natural gas
Rated Output Power: 24,6 MWe
Actual efficiency (for simple cycle) : %30-32 (according to ambient temparature and  hummidity)
Gas consumption (according to actual efficiency): 325-347 sm3/mw


Manufacturer:            ABB Motors                       
Type:                         GBA 1120 LC            
Output:                      26250 kVA                
Rev/min:                    1500                  
Voltage:                     11000 V           
Current:                     1378 A                       
Exc. Voltage:             71 VDC                      
Exc. Current:             8,8 A                           
Power Fac. :              0.8                     
Frequency:                50 Hz.   

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