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100 MW Single Cycle Gas Turbine

100 MW Single Cycle Gas Turbine

100 MW single cycle gas turbine power plant. Single cycle gas turbine power plant filtred air is pressurised in the air compressor.

4 GasTurbines

Manufacturing: General Electric / Thomassen

Type: MS 5001 / N

Model: Nancy

Specification: On offer is our complete 96 (4×24) MWe gas fired black start / peak load power station, consisting of 4 (four) GE Frame 5N Gas Turbine Sets.

One Gas Turbine is composed of the following components
  • Gasturbine
  • Generator
  • Diesel engine
  • Main Gearbox
  • Auxiliary  Gearbox
  • Speedtronic Mark || control system
  • Exhaust plenum
  • Air inlet filter house

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